Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sin city- Las Vegas,NV

Today! I am going to talk about a part of my traveling. Las Vegas! When I arrived at Las Vegas greyhound bus depot, I was really really tired and I had a problem with my left foot because I had walked too much until that time so I felt hard to walk. It was 9 pm. I stayed in Paris hotel for 2 nights and Stratosphere for 2nights.

This is Paris hotel in Las Vegas. When I got there, I had been on the bus for almost 10 hours, I was alone, so tired and hungry. In addition, the traffic near the strip was horrible. Briefly, I was totally exhausted. However! a surprising thing was waiting for me. At first, the one of the hotel frontdesk staffs said that they have special offer only for today which provide a suite room only for extra 85 bucks. Actually I didn't need that room so I said I am good. And then I talked about my friend's betrayal which was brutal -_-.

I am not sure if it was a pity from her but she gave me a suite room without any charge. I booked a cheapest one but I got a room which charge $550 USD per one night!
When I entered my room, I was over the moon!! It has a big couch, king size bed, spa bathtub and little mini bar.

Anyways..this hotel has a good buffet. If you go there, try.

<-Venetian Hotel

Stratosphere Hotel->
I had watched one musical, 'Mamma Mia!' in Mandalay Bay hotel and one show 'O' in Bellagio hotel. 'O' is kind of circus combined with musical. The stage was really huge and also it has a water stage. It is the one of famous show in Las Vegas. It was little bit expensive but I had never seen this kind of show so I enjoyed it.
I will write about another episode later :-) and this video clip is fountain show sponsored by Bellagio hotel,

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Jacqueline said...

I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to see "O".