Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pregnant women among 22 listeriosis cases in Quebec

It is suspected that a pregnant woman in Quebec has lost her baby because of listeriosis even though it hasn't been confirmed. The number of the cases of listeriosis in Quebec has been increased again to 22 cases. Also some babies have been affected by listeriosis so they were born before they got mature enough or have problem with their health.

Even if some cases have not been confirmed yet, the officer of the Ministry of Health recommends that pregnant women stay away from all products which are suspected.

They already have posted the list of recall products and all of stores were told that they throw all these products away. However it is still going on so they are worried about potential possibility of infection.

This bacteria shows the symptom in 70 days after the invasion.


Jacqueline said...

Do you know some of the products that are known to contain the bacteria? What happens to newborns who are born with the infection?

jun said...

just a few mistakes~haha