Monday, September 22, 2008

My roommate

I shared my room with another person just once by now. When I was working in the ski resort, I had to live in the dorm because it was very far from my home. At that time, I had one roommate. He was amiable and considerate so we didn't have any trouble. Also I worked on the same team with him. We had the same work schedule and a lot of time to communicate. We respected each other's boundary. I mean, privacy. I shared my room with him for almost 2 months. I have only good memories. He was talkative but not too much. Sometimes he was being a good advisor, sometimes being a good friend. He used to give some advise to me about my work or life. However, if I had to have a roommate, I would prefer a person who repects my privacy to a lively or active person. To me, it is the most important thing to live together.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sin city- Las Vegas,NV

Today! I am going to talk about a part of my traveling. Las Vegas! When I arrived at Las Vegas greyhound bus depot, I was really really tired and I had a problem with my left foot because I had walked too much until that time so I felt hard to walk. It was 9 pm. I stayed in Paris hotel for 2 nights and Stratosphere for 2nights.

This is Paris hotel in Las Vegas. When I got there, I had been on the bus for almost 10 hours, I was alone, so tired and hungry. In addition, the traffic near the strip was horrible. Briefly, I was totally exhausted. However! a surprising thing was waiting for me. At first, the one of the hotel frontdesk staffs said that they have special offer only for today which provide a suite room only for extra 85 bucks. Actually I didn't need that room so I said I am good. And then I talked about my friend's betrayal which was brutal -_-.

I am not sure if it was a pity from her but she gave me a suite room without any charge. I booked a cheapest one but I got a room which charge $550 USD per one night!
When I entered my room, I was over the moon!! It has a big couch, king size bed, spa bathtub and little mini bar.

Anyways..this hotel has a good buffet. If you go there, try.

<-Venetian Hotel

Stratosphere Hotel->
I had watched one musical, 'Mamma Mia!' in Mandalay Bay hotel and one show 'O' in Bellagio hotel. 'O' is kind of circus combined with musical. The stage was really huge and also it has a water stage. It is the one of famous show in Las Vegas. It was little bit expensive but I had never seen this kind of show so I enjoyed it.
I will write about another episode later :-) and this video clip is fountain show sponsored by Bellagio hotel,

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mamma Mia!

This movie was made based on the musical 'Mamma Mia' which made a story by using 'ABBA's many hit songs. Honestly speaking it wasn't as good as the musical but it is stiil worth to watch this movie version.
One day, Sophie(Amanda Seyfried) finds out her mother's diary in her room. After read that diary, she discovers three men who possibly her father. And then she decides that she invite them to her wedding ceremony secretly.
A day before her wedding ceremony, three men arrive the island which they have been with Donna(Meryl Streep). They have fallen in love with Donna.
Finally they meet Donna, and their story is on again.
Many famous actors and actresses were casted and they showed off their shining talent! They were singing some songs as live with acting. All of songs are really well-done. This movie was located in Greece, one beautiful island. It made me smile just for only I watched this lovely background. However, one thing that I was little bit disappointed was the sound. I watched a musical version of 'Mamma Mia' so the movie's sound didn't really satisfy me. Nevertheless, still I like it. How can I see Meryl Streep as a Donna? :-) It is impossible on the stage. I hadn't known much about Amanda Seyfried before I watched this movie, but I heard that she made a splash during the audition by she sang 'I have a dream' perfectly. Her Sophie is very lovable!
If I were you, I would watch this movie! Actually I recommend that you watch the musical if you can. The story is very enjoyable, there are lots of good songs and dances and jokes as well.
Finally, it is not that difficult to understand! Their pronunciation is pretty articulate so you won't be confused, I promise.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If I could do anything in the world!!! I would...

First of all, if I could do anything in the world, I would be over the moon about my situation. After enjoying this feeling little bit, I would remove all of the pollution on Earth to survive here. (Actually, I could just move to another planet, I would rule that consideration out in this article. By the way, this premise is just limited 'on Earth?') And then, I would make a good environment to make all of the creatures which have become endangered or extinct by human coule live on Earth. I think the equilibrium of ecosystem is very important. Also, it is for making my life more interesting and stable. I wouldn't live in the place which possibly hurts me.

However, I wouldn't change the things that might affect on entire world because I couldn't predict the result. Maybe I would reap the result! I would travel all around the world, especially the countries to which I haven't gone because it was dangerous.
Also I would want to have a big house with a huge property to live with my family. I would eliminate poverty in the world. Unfortunately it is very hard that I come up with specific details about the solution. I might need competent assistants.

I have thought about my other desires, but I think it doesn't have a meaning since I thought I had that ability. After I made my country stronger and enrich my family and descendants, I'd rather get rid of this ability.

That's my answer. Did I take too serious on the topic? :-) Actually I prefer having a large sum of money to having this ability.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pregnant women among 22 listeriosis cases in Quebec

It is suspected that a pregnant woman in Quebec has lost her baby because of listeriosis even though it hasn't been confirmed. The number of the cases of listeriosis in Quebec has been increased again to 22 cases. Also some babies have been affected by listeriosis so they were born before they got mature enough or have problem with their health.

Even if some cases have not been confirmed yet, the officer of the Ministry of Health recommends that pregnant women stay away from all products which are suspected.

They already have posted the list of recall products and all of stores were told that they throw all these products away. However it is still going on so they are worried about potential possibility of infection.

This bacteria shows the symptom in 70 days after the invasion.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


What's that?