Friday, September 19, 2008

Mamma Mia!

This movie was made based on the musical 'Mamma Mia' which made a story by using 'ABBA's many hit songs. Honestly speaking it wasn't as good as the musical but it is stiil worth to watch this movie version.
One day, Sophie(Amanda Seyfried) finds out her mother's diary in her room. After read that diary, she discovers three men who possibly her father. And then she decides that she invite them to her wedding ceremony secretly.
A day before her wedding ceremony, three men arrive the island which they have been with Donna(Meryl Streep). They have fallen in love with Donna.
Finally they meet Donna, and their story is on again.
Many famous actors and actresses were casted and they showed off their shining talent! They were singing some songs as live with acting. All of songs are really well-done. This movie was located in Greece, one beautiful island. It made me smile just for only I watched this lovely background. However, one thing that I was little bit disappointed was the sound. I watched a musical version of 'Mamma Mia' so the movie's sound didn't really satisfy me. Nevertheless, still I like it. How can I see Meryl Streep as a Donna? :-) It is impossible on the stage. I hadn't known much about Amanda Seyfried before I watched this movie, but I heard that she made a splash during the audition by she sang 'I have a dream' perfectly. Her Sophie is very lovable!
If I were you, I would watch this movie! Actually I recommend that you watch the musical if you can. The story is very enjoyable, there are lots of good songs and dances and jokes as well.
Finally, it is not that difficult to understand! Their pronunciation is pretty articulate so you won't be confused, I promise.

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Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the review! I love musicals and I was wondering if this one was worth seeing. It looked like it could go either way. My boyfriend's sister actually played the lead role in the European tour of Mamma Mia.